Wedding Trends 2013: Bride & Groom’s Best Friend

bring-your-dog-to-your-weddingYou may have noticed a growing trend for having your faithful companion share your Wedding Day. Imagine looking back through your pictures in years to come and remembering the fun you had having your pet with you at the ceremony.

As this is becoming more and more popular we thought we would share a few tips for you to bone-up on and help make the experience a truly happy one not only for you but also for Rex/Daisy/Gnasher!

  • With even a modest number of guests your pet can become nervous and overwhelmed – before you start planning make sure both you and Rocky can cope in any situation! Check up on obedience and behavior.
  • Make sure non of your guests have pet allergies or anyone has a fear of your pet in any way. There’s nothing worse than a sneezing terrified Bridesmaid on your video and photos.
  • Be prepared for accidents! Remember you may need to tidy up!
  • Consider who will look after Fido during and after the ceremony. Plan for a designated dog ‘usher/usherette’ – someone your pet knows and really trusts. Consider hiring a professional dog sitter so the responsibility is not placed on any of your guests.
  • Most venues are okay with you bringing your dog along but do check first and obtain the correct permission well in advance. Even if your venue prohibits pets you can still organise time for some photographs after the ceremony.
  • It is not generally a practical idea to have your dog attend the reception so make sure the plan involves Bouncer being looked after at home for the rest of the day (and night!).
  • It is absolutely essential to take Prince/Flossy along to the venue a few times before the big day so the surroundings and smells become familiar. Take treats and give lots of praise to reward good behavior. You could even rehearse a sit and stay for the Wedding Photographer!
  • Advise your Wedding Photographer of your pet plans and work with him/her on a plan to get the best out of pet enhanced Wedding Day photography. As a general rule people react very well to animals and this comes across well in the final images.
  • Finally and above all be willing to take events as they evolve. Despite your best efforts your pet will always have his/her own idea of how the plan will run – so go with the flow and above all ENJOY!

A recently survey conducted by revealed that 16.7% of couples will be involving their pets on their wedding days with a further 4.9% being unsure as to weather or not they wanted their pets attending their nuptials.

Quotes from forum members:

“Our dogs will also be at the wedding, beribboned and bow tied, wouldn’t be the same without them.” — Alyj66

My cat, Trev, is going to be the ringbearer. He is going to have a velvet cushion tied to his neck and the rings tied to the cushion.” — JanetJones

My insane Great Dane x Doberman was involved in my proposal so he should be included in the wedding.”

I am (provisionally) thinking I may ride my horse to the church, dress and all. We’ve had him 22 years and he is a major part of the family.

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